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  1. Tell It to Women
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    Tell It to Women

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    A popular Feminist Drama, "Wazobia Reigns!" dramatizes the politics of gender and power transitio...

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    Shakara is 17 years-old and a school drop-out, who can no longer stand her poor mother with her "...

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  4. THEN SHE SAID IT - by Tess Onwueme
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    THEN SHE SAID IT - by Tess Onwueme

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    No longer able to contain the seething pain of indignity and silence, her voice finally erupted a...

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  5. Collected Plays Vol. 1
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    Collected Plays Vol. 1

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    This collection of award-winning plays by Tess Onwueme feature the provocative concerns and exper...

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