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  1. Profiting from Monetary Policy
    -14 %

    Profiting from Monetary Policy

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    The Financial Crisis has led to a decade of poor returns for pension schemes and lower retirement...

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  2. Religion and Power
    -63 %

    Religion and Power

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    Religion has power structures that require and justify collaboration with empires. Concentr...

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  3. Creative Arts Therapies and the LGBTQ Community
    -12 %

    Creative Arts Therapies and the LGBTQ Community

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    This book addresses research and theory on creative art therapies and the LGBTQ society, and offe...

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  4. André, the Kingslayer
    -29 %

    André, the Kingslayer

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    The year is 1427. The Great Revolution has been raging for eight long years, effecting every aspe...

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  5. Winter Tourism

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    Winter tourism is reforming as a result of increased levels of investment with new ski destinatio...

    214,99 EUR
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