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  1. The Female Eunuch
    -10 %

    The Female Eunuch

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    A new cover re-issue of the ground-breaking, worldwide bestselling feminist tract.

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    Jetzt 13,77 EUR
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  2. Complete Works of William Shakespeare: The Alexander Text (Collins Classics)

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    The Complete Works of Shakespeare contains the recognized canon of the bard's plays, and his sonn...

    1,39 EUR
  3. Shakespeare's Wife

     Sofort lieferbar Kundenbewertung: 

    Little is known about Ann Hathaway, the wife of England's greatest playwright; a great deal, none...

    9,99 EUR
  4. Female Eunuch

     Sofort lieferbar Kundenbewertung: 

    The publication of Germaine Greer's The Female Eunuch in 1970 was a landmark event, raising eyebr...

    3,45 EUR
  5. Whole Woman

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    Thirty years after the publication of The Female Eunuch, Germaine Greer is back with the sequel s...

    23,24 EUR
  6. Shakespeare's Wife
    -35 %

    Shakespeare's Wife

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    Little is known of the wife of England's greatest playwright. In play after play Shakespeare pres...

    Unser bisheriger Preis:ORGPRICE: 23,95 EUR

    Jetzt 15,58 EUR
  7. White Beech
    -42 %

    White Beech

     Sofort lieferbar Kundenbewertung: 

    One bright day in December 2001, sixty-two-year-old Germaine Greer found herself confronted by an...

    Unser bisheriger Preis:ORGPRICE: 17,95 EUR

    Jetzt 10,49 EUR
  8. Change

     Sofort lieferbar Kundenbewertung: 

    The seminal, ground-breaking and controversial feminist text on the menopause, revised and update...

    13,49 EUR
  9. Whole Woman

     Sofort lieferbar Kundenbewertung: 

    Germaine Greer proclaims that the time has come to get angry again! Modern feminism has become th...

    9,49 EUR
  10. Shakespeare's Wife

     Sofort lieferbar Kundenbewertung: 

    A New York Times Book Review Notable Book of the YearA polemical, ground-breaking study of Elizab...

    27,30 EUR
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