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  1. Mass Communication and American Social Thought
    -36 %

    Mass Communication and American Social Thought

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    This anthology of hard-to-find primary documents provides a solid overview of the foundations of ...

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    Jetzt 99,99 EUR
  2. Called and Chosen
    -63 %

    Called and Chosen

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    Visit our website for sample chapters!

    Unser bisheriger Preis:ORGPRICE: 109,16 EUR

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  3. Transcendental Aspects of Algebraic Cycles
    -38 %

    Transcendental Aspects of Algebraic Cycles

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    This is a collection of lecture notes from the Summer School 'Cycles Algebriques; Aspects Transce...

    Unser bisheriger Preis:ORGPRICE: 94,95 EUR

    Jetzt 58,98 EUR
  4. Containing Health Benefit Costs

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    The springboard for this sixth volume in the Industry and Health Care series was a conference spo...

    86,87 EUR
  5. The Lively Experiment
    -15 %

    The Lively Experiment

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    The Lively Experiment chronicles how Americans have continually demolish...

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    Jetzt 35,49 EUR
  6. Compliance

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    139,99 EUR
  7. Beyond the Champion
    -11 %

    Beyond the Champion

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    Large, mature companies often struggle when it comes to the uncertain process of breakthrough inn...

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    Jetzt 33,99 EUR
  8. Developments and Applications in Solubility

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    Solubility is fundamental to most areas of chemistry and is one of the most basic of thermodynami...

    209,99 EUR
  9. Reaction Rate Constant Computations

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    This thorough treatment of the subject provides an essential handbook to students and researchers...

    239,99 EUR
  10. On a Wing and a Prayer

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    5,99 EUR
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