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  1. How America Got It Right
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    How America Got It Right

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    At last, a historian tells the truth about Americas role in the worldrefuting the lies of anti-Am...

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  2. How Wars Are Won
    -15 %

    How Wars Are Won

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    Even as we head into twenty-first-century warfare, thirteen time-tested rules for waging war rema...

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  3. How the South Could Have Won the Civil War
    -26 %

    How the South Could Have Won the Civil War

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    Could the South have won the Civil War?To many, the very question seems absurd. After all, the Co...

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  4. Such Troops as These
    -29 %

    Such Troops as These

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    Acclaimed military historian Bevin Alexander offers a fresh and cogent analysis of Stonewall Jack...

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  5. Macarthur's War

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    General Douglas MacArthur was highly skilled and world famous as a military commander. Under his ...

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