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  1. Die aktive Gesellschaft

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    Etzionis Hauptwerk zur Theorie politischer und gesellschaftlicher Prozesse in Neuauflage
    Mit eine...

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  2. Die aktive Gesellschaft

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    Die radikale Transfonnation nach dem Zweiten Weltkrieg markiert das Ende der Moderne. Nach dem Zw...

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  3. Transformation of the Welfare State
    -14 %

    Transformation of the Welfare State

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    How much has really changed in the world of welfare? A great deal, according to Neil Gilbert, one...

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  4. How Patriotic is the Patriot Act?
    -36 %

    How Patriotic is the Patriot Act?

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  5. Security First

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    “Rarely have more profound changes in American foreign policy been called for than today,” begins...

    54,82 EUR
  6. Spirit of Community
    -69 %

    Spirit of Community

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    America needs to move from me to we.In The Spirit of Community, renowned professor and former Whi...

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  7. Repentance

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    Drawing from a variety of religious and civic perspectives, the renowned contri...

    54,99 EUR
  8. Rights vs. Public Safety after 9/11
    -67 %

    Rights vs. Public Safety after 9/11

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    These essays highlight where government will need to expand its authority in the fight against te...

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  9. Political Unification Revisited
    -61 %

    Political Unification Revisited

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    Can independent nations unify politically? Amitai Etzioni raised this searching question in his s...

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  10. The Essential Communitarian Reader
    -63 %

    The Essential Communitarian Reader

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    Communitarian thought has had a profound influence on contemporary American policy. Leaders as di...

    Unser bisheriger Preis:ORGPRICE: 127,63 EUR

    Jetzt 46,99 EUR
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