Contemporary Russian Politics: A Reader

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More than 40 of the world's leading specialists on Russian politics, a third of them Russians, make this a comprehensive and authoritative guide to political institutions and processes in Putin's Russia.
Introduction to Contemporary Russian Politics; INSTITUTIONAL DESIGN; Introduction; 1. The Tactical Origins of Russia's New Political Institutions; 2. Re-examining Russia: Institutions and Incentives; 3. Democracy and Institutional Design in Russia; THE PRESIDENCY AND POLITICAL LEADERSHIP; Introduction; 4. Sifting Through the Rubble of the Yeltsin Years; 5. Boris Yeltsin as Patriarch; 6. Overcoming the Yeltsin Legacy: Vladimir Putin and Russian Political Reform; THE LEGISLATURE AND THE LAW; Introduction; 7. Legislative Politics in Russia; 8. Legislative-Executive Relations in the Yeltsin Era; 9. Rewriting the Rules of the Game in Russia: The Neglected Issue of the Demand for Law; 10. The Russian Mafia: Between Hype and Reality; ELECTIONS AND THE ELECTORAL SYSTEM; Introduction; 11. Continuity and Change in Russian Electoral Patterns? The December 1999 - March 2000 Electoral Cycle; 12. The Iceberg of Russian Political Finance; 13. The Impact of Parliamentary Electoral Systems in Russia; PROBLEMS OF PARTY FORMATION AND CONSOLIDATION; Introduction; 14. How Floating Parties Frustrate Democratic Accountability: A Supply-Side View of Russia's Elections; 15. Russia's Governors and Party Formation; 16. Partisan and Party Divisions in Post-Communist Russia; ECONOMIC REFORM: POLITICS, INTERESTS, AND SOCIAL CONSEQUENCES; Introduction; 17. Is Russia in Transition to a Market Economy?; 18. The Oligarchical Model; 19. Economic Interests and Political Power in Post-Soviet Russia; PUBLIC OPINION, POLITICAL BELIEFS, AND THE MASS MEDIA; Introduction; 20. Living in an Antimodern Society; 21. Modernization and the Value System of the Russian Elite; 22. Homo Praevaricatus: Russian Doublethink; 23. Political Bias and Self-Censorship in the Russian Media; RUSSIAN STATEHOOD AND THE NATIONAL QUESTION; Introduction; 24. State Building and State Breakdown in Russia; 25. Politicians' Conceptions of the Russian Nation; 26. Russia's Identity Crisis; FEDERALISM, REGIONALISM, AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT; Introduction; 27. What is the New Russian Federalism?; 28. Political Power and Political Stability in the Russian Regions; 29. Local Government and Ethnic and Social Activism in Russia; RUSSIA AND THE WORLD; Introduction; 30. Post-Soviet Russian Foreign Policy: The First Decade; 31. Russia: A Part of Europe or Apart from Europe?; 32. Russia and the New States of Eurasia; THE RUSSIAN TRANSITION IN COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE; Introduction; 33. The Conceptual Travels of Transitologists ans Consolidologists: How Far to the East Should They Attempt to Go?; 34. Should Transitologists be Grounded?; 35. From an Iron Curtain to a Paper Curtain: Grounding Transitologists or Students of Postcommunism?; 36. Paper Curtains and Paper Tigers; 37. Regime Transition, Uncertainty and Prospects for Democratisation: The Politics of Russia's Regions in Comparative Perspective; IS RUSSIA BECOMING A DEMOCRACY?; Introduction; 38. Russian Democratization: Achievements and Problems; 39. Electoral Democracy or Electoral Clanism? Russian Democratization and Theories of Transition; 40. Evaluating Russia's Democratization; Index
A unique Reader that brings together outstanding published works on Russian politics, this important book includes fourteen new, updated articles specially written for this collection. It analyzes major recent developments, including the Duma election of 1999, the Presidential election of 2000, and the institutional changes launched by President Putin. It covers institutional design, elections, parties, federalism, regional politics, presidency and legislature, economic reform and economic interests, foreign policy, public opinion, the mass media, and prospects for democracy. Including many specially commissioned contributions from more than forty of the world's leading specialists on Russian politics--a third of them Russians--makes this the most comprehensive and authoritative guide to political institutions and processes in Putin's Russia. Remaining accessible to a wide readership, it also breaks new ground on Russian politics.

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