Breast Cancer: Cellular and Molecular Biology (Cancer Treatment and Research)

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Robert B. Dickson
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1. Human Mammary Epithelial Cells in Culture: Differentiation and Transformation.- 2. Heterogeneity of Genetic Alterations in Primary Human Breast Tumors.- 3. Different Mechanisms are Responsible for Oncogene Activation in Human Mammary Neoplasia.- 4. Identification of Oncogenes in Breast Tumors and their Effects on Growth and Differentiation.- 5. Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors in Human Breast Cancer.- 6. Control of Human Breast Cancer by Estrogen, Growth Factors, and Oncogenes.- 7. Actions of Pituitary Prolactin and Insulin-like Growth Factor II in Human Breast Cancer.- 8. Structure and Function of the PS2 Gene and Estrogen Receptor in Human Breast Cancer Cells.- 9. The 52K Cathepsin-D of Breast Cancer: Structure, Regulation, Function and Clinical Value.- 10. Tumor Invasion and Metastases: Biochemical Mechanisms.- 11. Factors Regulating Basement Membrane Invasion by Tumor Cells.- 12. Regulation of Development of the Normal Mammary Gland by Hormones and Growth Factors.- 13. MMTV as a Model for Gene Expression in Mammary Tissue.- 14. The Activation of Cellular Oncogenes by Proviral Insertion in Murine Mammary Cancer.- 15. Steroid Hormone Regulation of Cultured Breast Cancer Cells.- 16. The Role of Epidermal Growth Factor in Normal and Neoplastic Growth of Mouse Mammary Epithelial Cells.- 17. Tumor-associated Growth Factors in Malignant Rodent and Human Mammary Epithelial Cells.
Where do you begin to look for a recent, authoritative article on the diagnosis or management of particular malignancy? The few general oncology text books are generally out of date. Single papers in specialized journals are informative but seldom comprehensive; these are more often preliminary reports on a very limited number of patients. Certain general journals fre quently publish good in-depth reviews of cancer topics, and published sym posium lectures are often the best overviews available. Unfortunately, these reviews and supplements appear sporadically, and the reader can never be sure when a topic of special interest will be covered. Cancer Treatment and Research is a series of authoritative volumes which aim to meet this need. It is an attempt to establish a critical mass of oncology literature covering virtually all oncology topics, revised frequently to keep the coverage up to date, easily available on a single library shelf or by a single personal subscription. We have approached the problem in the following fashion. First, by divid ing the oncology literature into specific subdivisions such as lung cancer, genitourinary cancer, pediatric oncology, etc. Second, by asking eminent authorities in each of these areas to edit a volume on the specific topic on an annual or biannual basis. Each topic and tumor type is covered in a volume appearing frequently and predictably, discussing current diagnosis, staging, markers, all forms of treatment modalities, basic biology, and more.

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