True Love

A Fairy Tale Come True
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Charles J. Carlucci
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Throughout life, you will find one special person. You will carry them in your heart forever, and no matter what happens, because of that bond you share, you will always love them. You can hold a conversation with them for hours and never get bored. This person is yours eternally, your best friend always; dont ever let them go. Steve Lagrossa, a man in his early forties, is looking for love after two failed marriages. Searching for a companion while online, viewing a dating site, he is attracted to a beautiful woman who is divorced and is a mother of two, named Cynthia Williams. Their attachment to each other grows strong immediately, as they share a once-in-a-lifetime relationship.
Steve is stricken by an unforeseen illness, and not knowing if hell ever get well, he parts with her.
You need to get on with your life and forget about me. You have to live your life. I cant live mine right now, he advises her. If you love me, youll do what I ask.
Through his sickness, shes there for him. However, she does get on with her life. She meets someone new and remarries. With a twist of fate, their love still strong in their hearts, they reunite once again.

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