Going Deep

My Transcendent Journey into Theta Consciousness
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Deborah Knight Eaton
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When Deborah Knight Eaton met Dr. Jonas Salk in 1990, his remarks changed her life: I know what you are; youre a visionary, and its people like you who hold the vision so that other people can walk into it.
Going Deep: My Transcendent Journey into Theta Consciousness takes you into Deborahs visions, introduces you to remarkable healers she met around the world, and shows you how you can go on your own transcendent journey.

She gives a step-by-step process to enter into a source of creativity, the theta brain wave. She calls this process theta patterning.

Deborah presents a fresh view on the interconnection between quantum theory, unified field theory, duality and nonduality, and the immune system.

When you do theta patterning, you can communicate and enhance your immune system. You can pattern sleeping better, reducing stress, and feeling calmer.

You can see visions, be connected with your inner source, and listen to and know your true self.

You can use theta patterning to bring ease into a family vacation, transmit positive thoughts to loved ones, and even attract the life partner of your dreams.

Going deep into theta consciousness is an extraordinary way to live.

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