The Direct Route to Divine Consciousness
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David Long
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If you dont visit heaven as a general rule, you may be surprised how easy it is!

This anthology of contemplations, mental exercises, and uplifting sayings has been gathered from ancient and modern scriptures and from Eastern and Western gurus.

As you practice these contemplations for as little as ten minutes a day (following the helpful How to Use This Book guidelines ), you will find your mind becomes stronger and able to focus quickly and accurately and to hold focus. But much more than this, these dharanas give you the experience of divine consciousness, i.e., of heaven itself!

As you practice, your mind and spirit will love the divine nourishment offered and will seek out more and more of the good and delightful in life and shun the unhelpful and misleading.

Most of the dharanas come from the standpoint of nondualism, i.e., roughly, All Is One or Everything Is Consciousness. You will enjoy this book if you are happy interchanging terms like God, spirit, presence, being, consciousness, and soul. If you are not, just stay with it and use your own concept and name for the Supreme Being.

Most of the dharanas in this book ask you to contemplate a proposition about life. It could be religious or philosophical. You wont agree with every single one of them! But just keep your heart wide open and follow the How to Use This Book guidelines!

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