From Disappointment to Blessing

What Do You Do When Life Has Handed You Lemon?/ Infertility Stories, Triumph and Breakthrough
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Veronica Chinasa Osunwa
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Despite a humble, poor, and downtrodden beginning, author Chinasa Veronica Osunwa shines a ray of hope. In From Disappointment to Blessing, she narrates how her parents fled from war and Osunwa was shuffled through her family like a worn hand-me-down until she returned to her village seven years later, a penniless outcast.
Moving across the world to New Zealand, she suffered compounding blows of job rejections, racial discrimination, and an unfair end to her third year of nursing school. But Osunwa is a survivor and a fighter and never allowed these disappointments to deter her. Instead, the setbacks made her faith stronger, and she shares her challenges and triumphs in this memoir. She encourages others to see disappointment as a blessing in disguise and to never allow yesterdays issues to overshadow tomorrows dreams, destiny, star, and visions.

Osunwa tells how God moved her from victim to victor, tears to cheers, nobody to somebody, from grass to grace, disappointment to appointment, and from failure to MBA holder. Filled with important Christian themes, From Disappointment to Blessing narrates Osunwas story as well as the stories of others to demonstrate how you can overcome obstacles, particularly if you place your faith in God.

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