Two White Pigeons

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Sylvia Hammann
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Julie never expected to be a widow, so when her husband Dan dies due to surgery, she cant handle the grief. She runs away from her loving family to escape the memories of the man she loved and lost. With no clue as to her destination, she ends up in the aptly named small town Runaway, where she meets a strange old woman who knows about her lossbut how?
Ducking the past and the townsfolk, Julie follows a mysterious voice to an abandoned house where a beautiful horse wanders the property. Julie spends the night in the house but soon meets a ghost named Lilli who died riding the very horse that walks the grounds. Lilli has a request for her uninvited houseguest: she wants Julie to save her husband.

Ever since Lillis death, Dale has been drinking. It wont be long before he kills himself with booze, so Lilli begs Julie to intercede. Scared to death, Julie agrees but has no plans of actually making contact with Dale. Shes shocked to fi nd she cant escape Runaway unless she fi rst helps her ghostly friend. Julie must help heal a wounded man and, in the process, heal herself, all on the orders of a ghost who loves too much to leave

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