Shadows in the Dust

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Michael Bradley O'Shea
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Some women and children are losing their lives at a rate of two a week at the hands of some dysfunctional men. Currently, women have representation at both the state and federal level, and so they should, to express themselves for the need for a better life without fear and harassment from some men who lose control of themselves. However, there are some good men out there in the community who are also categorized because of the behavior of these men who commit acts of violence against their women and children. Some good men are dragged before the family court to answer to charges that they never committed against some of these women.
Men are definitely discriminated against, as they have no voice at all, no recognition at the state and federal level. I am sure there will be a turnaround if men have their own organization and are able to sit down to have round-table discussions for the betterment of all concerned, both men and women. Feminism has gone too far because some radicals go to the extreme of spewing their hate and vomit on men. It has got to stop; otherwise, more of the same will happen.

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