Love Should Be a Two-Way Game

Poems Written in the Deep Dark of the Night
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Jimali McKinnon
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Its the middle of the night. You are the only one awake, and no matter what you try, you just cant get back to sleep. So you think about your life, what it is and what you want it to be.
Author Jimali McKinnon knows what its like to have sleepless nights. Many of the poems included in this book were written during such nights. This selection of poems reflects McKinnons wide range of interests and her journey with a debilitating illness. The poems range from the humorous to the serious, in a wide variety of poetic styles on diverse subjectsfrom stays in hospital, home, and country, cockatoos, and gum trees. A chapter describing a sad love story is told in both humorous and serious verse.

Poems included in Love Should Be a Two-Way Game: Poems Written in the Deep Dark of the Night deal with issues many of us face every day. Though we may not have to face the challenges involved with a chronic illness, everyone has issues to conqueror at least faceeach day. McKinnons poetry reflects real life, so you will be drawn into them.

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