The Man Who Takes Care of My Soul

A Second Collection of Poetry
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Sigari Luckwell
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During Sigari Luckwells fifth birthday party at home in Ickenham, England, the man who cared for her soul knocked on the door of her heart and invited her to dance. As she witnessed freedom from boundaries and merged with everything and everyone around her, Luckwell knew deep insideeven at such a young agethat she had just experienced something powerful and lasting.
In her second volume of poetry, Luckwell presents thirty-two new poems inspired by that space of merging that has revisited her during many moments of her own choosing. From a poet in Dublin to a macaw that has escaped from a local fish and chip shop, Luckwell offers a glimpse into a wide range of emotions while encouraging others to weep with the asylum seeker, laugh with an aging man eating Irish Whiskey ice cream, and rage at the brainwashing of beautiful young men while they are groomed to inflict terror.

In this moving collection, a seasoned poet challenges others to look at life from a different perspective and to ultimately celebrate life as we find it.

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