Sit-Down Money

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Kay Chapman
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It is 1987 when Gina Atkins leaves her teenage daughter behind and travels from Melbourne to Lumbarta Island to fulfill her life purpose. As Gina departs the airplane, she attempts to steel herself against her rising anxiety and muster some of the courage that has forsaken her. After the pilot bids her farewell, She is left alone to pursue her dream of being a remote area nurse in an Aboriginal community.
Gina, a former fashion editor, is no stranger to hard work. But as soon as she arrives at the islands health clinic, she realizes that working within a different culture comes with unparalleled situations. Each day brings a new happenstance, Ginas journey eventually leads her to Regan Ayres, a fledgling bush pilot who soon captures her heart. But when he reignites a long-lost passion within her, Gina cannot help but wonder if their forbidden love will ever have a chance to blossom in a world where it seems there is a new challenge around every corner. While struggling with her own feelings Gina also has to deal with the awakening passions of her daughter.

Sit-Down Money shares the tale of one womans experiential journey as she immerses herself into a new culture, reconnects with her past, finds love, and ultimately discovers herself in the process.

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