And Then, Nothing Happened!

The Spontaneous Song and Dance of Oya Zen-Rama
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Oya Zen-Rama
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This rising sun is an invitation to see the Garden of Eden around us with open eyesand, with closed eyes, the Kingdom of Heaven within us here and now. The ancient mystics termed this enlightenment Sahaja Samadhi. As Oya Zen-Rama discovers, this profoundly peaceful state is a natural consequence of the stunning insight that, in reality, theres nothing happening!This collection of verse is an outpouring from the inner voice over a four-year period, from 2013 to 2016. It is a contemporary song and dance about an age-old mystery and a celebration of the journey towards enlightenment and life beyond enlightenment. An interesting, introspective collection of verse, there is something in each poem that relates to us all.
The spontaneous poetry contained herein documents stunning spiritual realizations blow by blow. It offers a new testament to the aliveness of our non-dual reality and the freshness and fun of our inner voice. It is a guide to those walking the path of love and a light celebrating our true nature as we make a courageous leap into enlightened reality.

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