Muncie in 150

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Rick Yencer
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Muncie in 150 started as a look at the communitys sesquicentennial celebrated in many ways by the summer of 2015. The story about Middletown USA evolved into history in the making with several events that offered once in a lifetime experiences for the people and leaders of the community.
As Europeans moved to the Midwest after the 1818 Treaty of St. Marys with Native Americans, Muncie grew along the banks of the White River until railroads charted the course for trade, commerce and later industry in Indiana.
The communitys post Civil War development along with its turn of the 20th Century industrialization offered progress at every turn along with a growing higher education and health care system making it a regional center.
Many of Muncies celebrities are featured like that cat from Albany drawn by Jim Davis and his associates who are looking to China for the next market for Garfield.. Theres also the tragedy of National Football League star Dave Duerson who was an All-American and won two Super Bowls. Duerson took his life and had his brain used for research into chronic brain trauma.
Theres also some reads on whats happening in Muncie today like a no contest city election and a failing school system.
Muncie in 150 offers a view for those here and there to a community in the Midwest that always puts quality of life and place before crime and poverty.

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