Dawn of the New Era
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Kat Wilson
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"Descended of Azaziel, beloved of the damned, she comes in a reign of blood. By the coming of Heavenly Witches she is heralded, a woman with a golden heart, the strength of a thousand suns, and the wings of Death's night, to purge the blackness from another's soul. "Her Soul Mate, born of the Fallen and impure Warlock's blood, will rise with her, his heart black as Death's Power and his strength unchecked.
"Their Bonding will unlock the Awakened Ones, and their union will set them free. The descendant of Azaziel will be the last of her kind. She is a Dark Angel, a Witch with vast Power and the skills of a Warrior . . ."

Cayden Wheekes, a flame-haired yet shy Lost One, unknowingly stumbles into the grips of her destiny when she receives a tattoo in the form of Celtic wings connected by an Infinity symbol. When she moves from Juliette to Macon, she begins attending a new high school with her stepsisteran outrageously witty and volatile girl named Cassie Stormand is immediately drawn to the Dark Angels, a dangerous and elite group of goths. She soon realizes that the Dark Angels are not what they seem and is confronted by the stark reality of the world.

Immortal beings exist, and she bears the Mark of the Wiccan Race on her back.

In this harrowing tale of love and prophesy, Fate and Death play a game of chance, and Cayden is their pawn. None of her loved ones are safe, not even her Mates, and as a new era of war and destruction begins, Cayden must choose between free will and destiny.

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