Ben Franklin and Divine Right

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Eligah Boykin
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The author now offers you Freedom Beyond the Labyrinth so that you can finally remove the mask of agony you have been wearing while reinventing the white mans world and the ideas of white men so that you may depart the sights in the cave and take a permanent step forward. Beyond the worship of shadows and a specter between two worlds, you will be invited to peruse a short history in degradation that hopefully will bring you beyond imagination and the flight of the undead to a place, where dignity surfaces into focus, and you experience a breakthrough to paradise. We expect you will find there is more to life than the dynamo of hell or even the heaven complex and in the land beyond gods and goddesses and past the sirens of doom lies sudden life in blood time for super soul as victory comes knocking with world series values for masters of freedom while they picnic in the clouds. There will be plenty of time to smell the classic ghetto roses while you carry your edition of the Latest Earth Times Review back to the Mountains of the Muse, where I hear what goes around flips the script to the ideas of black men as we return you now to Ben Franklin and Divine Right.

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