Duncan & the Chocolate Bar

Longtale #3
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Duane Lance Filer
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The year is 2050. The space shuttle to the moon has been a reality since 2030. There have been scientists, explorers, politicians, entertainers, and celebrities. Just about every type of scientific type person has been or has plans to go to the moon, but no ordinary people have been included. Black, white, brown, or yellow, no regular ordinary people have been to the moon. Finally, in 2050, the USA government has decided it is time to send some regular folks to the moon. A contest was held to pick three lucky souls to be sent to the moon. Each person selected could also bring a friend. And the best part is that the government claims once the lucky winners get to the moon, there would be a surprise waiting for them.
Young Duncan (Dunk) Sylers, eleven years old and from the city of Compton, California, enters the contest. You guessed it. Dunk wins and decides to take his younger cousin Drew on the exploration of a lifetime. Follow along as Duncan, Drew, and the other winners (including a wannabe hippie who brings his parrot as his guest as well as an aging actress and her equally washed up boyfriend) travel toward the moon. Do they succeed? Youll have to read the book.

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