Unbreakable Spirit

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Charlotte Williams
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I was getting into my car, which was parked in my driveway, to depart for work when all a sudden, this man I knew for so many years approached me and said, We need to talk.
I need to get going for work. I will call you later, I replied in a rush. Then before I can even finish my sentence, he pulled out this big gun and aimed it straight at me. I stood there looking directly into the barrel of that gun, and I began to start shaking like a leaf. It was the most frightening thing I ever had to endure. I was so petrified that I could see my life flash right before my eyes. Just before he pulled the trigger, he had this mad-dog look on his face, and the sound of his voice was so bizarre that it sounded like the devil himself was talking to me. This was not like anything that I had ever heard before. In that same bizarre voice, he said this to me: This is for not helping me mentally and financially.

Then abruptly he shot me in my right leg. Normally when you get shot in the leg, you fall and the gunshot takes your leg from right under you. But instead of me falling, I started running. I think that if I were at a track meet, I wouldve won that race, regardless of what type of race it was. I saw the smoke steaming out of the gun, and I could smell my flesh burning, as if someone had slapped some fresh meat on the grill. I felt consistent sharp pains shooting through my body, and then suddenly it felt like my whole body was on fire. I would never wish that pain on anyone, even my worst enemy.

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