Senator Who?

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Bruce Nathan
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Politician, that is the beginning of what can be a bad word that starts with a 'P'. The word that is broken with no repair in sight. What does it take to become a senator in the United States Of America? Most people will tell you it takes A LOT of money. Why should it take so much money to become a public servant? The answer is easy to say, but hard to digest. The person who runs for that office is looking for a life time income and health benefits and power. That is not what the office was intended for. It was intended to serve the needs of the people of the USA. 'To protect and serve' so it is said. What if a person who was a real person, a 'regular guy' wanted to become a US Senator for all the right reasons. Honesty, integrity, ethical character, morals, uncompromised feeling of empathy for ALL of the Law abiding citizens of this great country. The need to uphold the Constitution and all of the amendments, not just a few or the convenient ones.
So can there be a senator that has walked in your shoes, done what you've done, been married, divorced, had 5 children, been educated, found a job, lost a job, yelled at by your spouse and then by your ex spouse, get a cat, 2 cats, a dog , 2 dogs, Iguanas, frogs, watch your children grow, some love you, some not , trying to do right by as many people as possible, but not always and the experiences continues. Everyday something new. Every day something fun.
Did you ever say or hear someone say, ' I should write a book about my life' or 'I could do that job better'? Do you smile and walk away thinking they have no story bigger than mine and my wacky family? OR an Invention that you were thinking about, but someone else got there first. On and on are life's events that might have made a difference in your life or someone elses, if you ACTED on it.
We do not all have a drive to get it done, get it done, did I say that twice? Because we all need to say it twice too ourselves to get it done.
Well here I am NOW going to get IT done.
What if a regular guy with a great big family, who rents his home, has no money to speak of in the bank, loves his great big family, is a medical professional who believes in proper nutrition, organic foods, healthy mind body and soul, believes education in the highest order is a major contributing factor to help out America, wants to become a United States Senator?
Is it possible? Has it ever been tried? Who wants to try it? WELL, I DO!
Can we tear down the wall between the people and our government? 'We The People' the beginning of The Constitution Of The United States, 'in order to form a more perfect union'. All by itself, that great big statement is no longer here. People do not get to run the government it is the politicians and the politicians are Democrat and Republican, are NOT forming a more perfect union. It has become corrupt with no end in sight. When does it stop? How do we the people stop it? A regular person with an eye on justice, domestic tranquility who wants to help provide a common defense, promote general welfare and secure liberty to ourselves and our posterity (our children), is the man for the job. Well here I am!!! Ready to go!!!

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