She Used to Laugh; Now She Cries
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Samuel Sbraccia
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Samuel and his wife, Mary, have a truly unbelievable story of real love for each other. This has been proved time and again by what fate has dealt them throughout their forty-three, going on forty-four, years of marriage. This is a remarkable story of how they handled each and every obstacle that they had to face together, Mary with her multiple sclerosis and Samuel with his cancer and being Marys primary caregiver for forty-some years. It is a survivors story that shows and proves that when someone really loves someone, nothing can stop them when it comes to that persons well-being. In addition, this book was written to help anyone who is currently a caregiver to know that they are not alone and to teach them how to handle the problems associated with being a caregiver. It is forty-three years of experience to help understand and handle just about every situation involved with being the caregiver of anyone with any condition at all. As you will see for yourself in this book, Samuel has professed his love for his wife, Mary, since the day they were married and has proved it over and over every single day since they have been together and still does to this very day. Samuel not only believes but has proved it over and over that when you really and truly love someone, anything and everything is attainable.

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