Uncle Champion I

“The World Beyond the Fence”
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Joseph I. Rosselli
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Uncle Champion was created one evening in 1980 while the author was running past Jean Gordon Grammar School located along his usual training route in Gentilly. The story was originally named For the Love of Sara. The title was chosen from the authors favorite song at the time. The original Uncle Champion creation was actually a combination of Uncle Champion I and Uncle Champion IV, but to follow the journey and fully understand the story, II and III were added and I and IV were split into two separate stories. The story begins with our runner, Christopher Uncle who decided to start running as a form of exercise. He was raised by a very good mother and father who taught him to always help others. While out training for the big race, his life and the lives of everyone involved changed. He found himself on a mission to save the life of an orphan named Julia. She is a very special and powerful young girl who leads the thirty-six other children of the orphanage beyond the fence. Chris meets Sara Harmony and discovers he needs her to get to Julia. He ends up saving both of them from their depressed state. At the end of each volume, a telegram arrives with Chris next clue to the ultimate riddle, the ultimate riddle from above. In Uncle Champion II Gentilly plays a major role. It is the location of the new and modern facility designed by Christopher. Uncle Champion was named by one of the children of the orphanage and was Chris celebrity name. All the way through Uncle Champion III you witness the relationship of Chris and Sara as it grows.

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