God’S Hand Leads

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Kathleen Westbrook
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There have been many blessings in my life that looked like problems when they started. God worked out the very best from circumstances that I had no control about, but He sure did! Thats the way our God is, and Ive learned that He really does fulfill His word. In the book of Romans, chapter 8 verse 28; it says all things work together to the good for those who love the Lord, those who are called according to His purpose. Thats a fabulous promise and some people probably do not realize its working for them. When my parents decided to divorce when I was less than a year old, God knew I was going to be His, and He took care of me. My mom had 6 younger brothers and sisters, so she gave me to my dads mother and father, because she wanted to go back into nursing, and at that time they did 12 hour shifts. I had a great family, usually on the farm with my grandparents during schools out time, and with my dad and step mom during school. I had a cousin 7 years older that also came to be with our grandparents in the summer. He was a great tease, and taught me to like even being heckled, his name was Sturdy-a family name. He put a black widow in a jar and into my bed, ugh! He skinned snakes and hung their skins on the fence, to dry for his scout project-and tried to use my glasses to beat me at rummy. Yep, just like a big brother.

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