The Silver Dollar Kid

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John Houston Batchelor
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This is not another saga of the Old West or a who-done-it, nor is it a children's book, but simply the true story of my unusual life.
It is as accurate, honest, and true as far as my memory permits.

I will be judged harshly for some for my actions, but it is not about right or wrong or good or bad; it is only about what happened and led me to develop into the person that I have become through my many adventures and what I did about them.

I have no intention of trying to flower it up, to be more appealing. It is not a fictional story.

I have included situations that stick out the most in my mind and just omitted many other experiences that were interesting to me but probably not to others.

I have also just omitted some names of those who do not wish to be identified.

My intention was not to embarrass anybody else, but just maybe myself.

It is all now just water under the bridge, and I couldn't go back and change anything, even if I wanted to, which I don't think I would, except for some very minor things that I regret.

Since it is a true story, it is R-rated and not suitable for children to read. No, its not porn either!

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