For the Brand

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Toby Benoit
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Danny Fultz rode into the country of the Big Cypress looking for a meal and honest work on a ranch if there was any to be had. He found both with the Cracker cowboys of the Big Cypress Cattle Company at a time when it and two other of the large south Florida ranches were on the verge of war over missing stock and each accusing the other of rustling. Danny wasnt looking for trouble, but his unwanted reputation as a gunfighter and former lawman caught up to him and pinned a target on him for the real rustlers behind the ranchers problems. After being shot out of the saddle hunting stray calves, Danny developed a personal interest in investigating the mystery of the disappearing cattle. Meanwhile he finds himself falling in love with the lovely Josephine, the adopted daughter of the aging owner of the B3C ranch all the while knowing that her heart is set on another. With help from an assortment of colorful characters found on the Florida frontier, Danny uncovers far more than he could ever have suspected and that information sets into motion a series of deadly events. Can he keep the range from erupting in gunfire and get the girl while being hunted and harassed by a stranger with killing on his mind?

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