The Last Druin

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Christopher Clanton
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Be vigil my children, for when the day comes that the gods of old arise again, and the Wanderer walks abroad, the Uncrowned King shall stand beside the Last Druin and unite the lands against the Void But do not be deceived, the Great Beast Azkalon, Lord of the Void, shall awaken from the Beyond, woe to the unwary for even the dead shall cower in his wake. ~From the Prophecy of the Uncrowned King~

War has come to us at last. We had been warned. But the hubris of men has blinded us to the past, and all the alliances of old have faded. The Druins, who had stood to oppose the gods who have ruled our people for countless generations, are no more. They had been betrayed. We allowed them to free us, and once we became strong again, we destroyed them. Where should we turn now? For five hundred years we have stood upon the might of our Imperium. Will we be able to contend against the might of gods? I fear the dark shadows that grows beneath the mountains, for our doom is fated by the deceit of our own pride. We stand alone. The old gods have returned, once again Thangar will know the might of the Dwarves who worship them. ~Spoken by the Forgotten

The days of prophecy are upon us.
Let the Uncrowned King ride the course of Fate.

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