The Grace of Life Is Our Inheritance

30 Revelations for Marriage as God Intended
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Estell and Dana Coe celebrated 30 years of marriage in September 2014. They are passionate about marriage as God intended and receiving all they are predestined to inherit together. They are committed to building strong, healthy, and successful marriages that will last a lifetime. They are dedicated to making marriages and families all that God intended!

This couple shares proven marriage and family revelations that they have discovered, practice in their own marriage, and believe to be of great value to all marriages. They design and conduct marriage workshops in local churches and the local community and speak at marriage and family events.

Estell and Dana are releasing this book to celebrate marriage as God intended with couples worldwide! The wisdom and revelations in this book have been a personal blessing to their marriage. This special edition is also a memorial and commemoration of reaching their 30th Wedding Anniversary by the grace of God! Dana is also the author of the recently released book Inspiration And Motivation (I AM). See details at

They currently reside in Rancho Cucamonga, California after relocating from Indianapolis, IN three years ago. Estell and Dana are the parents of four successful and blessed adult children: Crystal, Leah, Joshua, and Jasmine.

Married and Engaged couples and Singles as well as Parents and Families will be enlightened, strengthened, inspired, and enriched by reading this book. Written in a 30-day format and available as an e-book as well as paperback, each day covers one of the top 30 things we learned about marriage that helped us make it to 30 years and beyond. Must read content includes:

Marriage is God's idea and marriage is good

Marriage works when following God's instructions

Marriage takes work: Work for husband. Work for wife. Work for couples.

How to avoid Adultery and Divorce

Keys to live in Agreement and Oneness

Understand and honor the Marriage Covenant of Love

Bonus sections:

Counsel and advice for singles, engaged, and families

Inspirational poetry from the Love and Marriage Collection in Danas first book Inspiration And Motivation (I AM)

Details available at

God wants your marriage blessed and He wants you to stay together and keep your covenant. He wants the two of you to become oneone flesh. He has good things in store for your oneness. In fact, there are some things He has for you that the two of you can only get together but not separately. Together you have an inheritance: The Grace of Life!

Your inheritance includes: Unhindered prayers, Two can put 10,000 to flight, Something better, Two are better than one, Experiencing the good and perfect will of God, Undefiled marriage bed, Dominion, A Blessing, Stability, Commitment to Dwell together in unity, Work together, and Fight together against a common enemy. Read this book and experience Gods unmerited grace and favor in and on your marriage and family!

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