Open Your Eyes

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Mary B. Blessing
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This book is for people who believers in the gospel of God, and it reveals the power that we need to live a long and prosperous life as successful adults. This book is to inform, explain and give a reason why, we as true believers of the gospel are living life-styles far from the grace of God. This book is not here to change anyone mind but to offer a new way of thinking and to offer knowledge and Bible scriptures concerning how we are being brainwashed and manipulate against the true gospel of God. We are being used as commodities. We all need help beyond mans imagination to open our eyes to the many negative situations that have been set-up in this world to lead us into destroying each other and the prosperous life God has stored for us. This book will empower, strengthen, equip, shield, protect and prepare us for the duration of our lives and for judgement day.
Let us open this book and gain knowledge to help ourselves so that we will not continue being so disrespectful and dehumanizing to the true ways of God. We causing so much destruction to roar throughout this world.

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