Conflict with Russia

Part I & Part Ii
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Dr. Alexander Nemets
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What's the Book about? - Primarily, it is about the developing conflict between Russia, on one hand, and America and entire West on other hand. - The war in Eastern Ukraine is described, in this Book, in a detailed way, particularly, the summer of 2014 and January-February of 2015. More than one chapter of the Book is devoted to the essence of Putin regime and the explanation of its antagonism with America. - One chapter of the Book is devoted to the murder of Boris Nemtsov and major criminals behind the scene. - Stagnation and decline of the Russian social-economic system and suffering of its people, especially in 2014-2015, is addressed as well. (The conclusions are based on multiple facts and figures). - This is accompanied by rapid rise of Russia's military expenditures and the upgrading of its military capabilities. Between 2013 and 2015 Russian real military budget may increase 2.5 times! - The role of China (generally, a neutral one) in this Conflict is described as well. The author is literate in Mandarin, expert in China's Real economic potential, China-Russia ties and China's economic expansion in Central Asia. One of the chapters is devoted to swift rise of China-Israel relations in all areas. Israel may well become an ideal mediator between America and China!

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