Sikhism and Spirituality

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Rabinder Singh Bhamra
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A spiritual person is when their mind becomes one with the Creator God. Then, the mind absorbs the qualities of God and acts like a spiritual master. He is no more under the effects of Maya, which is another of Gods creation in which the mind is prisoner and to its five vices (lust, anger, greed, attachments and ego). It becomes calm, quiet, peaceful, acts to the Will of God and is in bliss always. It happens when the Mind is meditating on God and thinks about God always. For this spiritual mind, everything happening in the world is OK as its happening to His Will. He lives a life of truthful dealings with other persons, earns an honest living and shares with others. He becomes pure in thoughts, words and deeds. His mind becomes pure like its Creator, Himself. He is the most dependable friend and reliable companion. The above qualities can be achieved by one who only lives for the service of people and to whom everybody is the child of God. This person has no desires for him and lives for his family and others. His happiness lies in service and the welfare of others. Such a person has no desires and attachments in this world and lives a worry free life; always content with his/her lot.This book tells how to achieve such a state of mind. The mind is Gods child and we here, on Earth, to play in the hands of God as per destiny written by Him. If we accept Him, pray to Him and meditate on him in the way this book guides, there is a chance to win freedom from the cycle of births and deaths and live with him in peace and bliss forever. The path to bliss and peace is fully explained in this book.

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