Inner Demons

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Nicole Jalonen
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Devolin Voltron is up to his old tricks, still pretending he's dead and getting trickier and more devious by the day and may be possessing children to do his bidding to get Britney Summers, his daughter, to volunteer at an orphanage in the mortal world .
Ten years have passed since Britney Summers had triplets and had two of them stolen, but she's made a happy, quiet, and above all, magic-free and safe life for her one remaining daughter, Samyria.

But all that is shattered when a seemingly human orphan Demyn Rylan shows up at Britney's house, asking her and Samy if they would like to volunteer at her orphanage because her orphanage is asking for help.

Suspecting this could be a trap made by her thought to be dead father, Devolin Voltron, Britney not wanting to alert her daughter that she's keeping secrets from her agrees to work at the orphanage with Samy by her side. Once working at the orphanage, Little Samy gets swept up into a magical dark mystery with her three new friends who live at the orphanage. Demyn, Destiny, and Tobias meet magic ghosts haunting the mortal orphanage, who say her mother is hiding secrets from her. She has two siblings who were kidnapped and Britney has been looking for them without Samy knowing, and the biggest secret, Samy and Britney are witches! Learning of her mothers lies angers Samy and her anger may just start the magic world apocalypse.

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