Diggin’ Elroy

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Walt Griffin
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The iconic rockabilly legend, Elroy Gibby (a.k.a. The King of Bling), is persuaded to partake in a hoax and stage his death, in order to magnify his stardom in history, save the record company from bankruptcy, and to renew his relationship with his glamorous wife. He is taken to a private, tropical island, over 6,000 miles away from his hometown, Slocumb, Alabama, and told to wait for his wifes arrival.Meanwhile, the corrupt powers that be are making a fortune off of his dead name. Elroy soon discovers that the new and happier life that he was promised was a trick of entrapment. Confined to the remote, tiny island, Elroy begins to trust no one and awaits his certain, ineluctable fate.
Back home, in Slocumb, Elroys young nephews Pug and Shuck, and a long-time family friend/farm-hand Bo Lootz, are fueled by reasonable doubt that Elroy ever died. They set out to prove that The King of Bling is not buried in the tomb that marks his name. Bo and the boys plan an elaborate scheme of their own to uncover the truth and expose those who have partaken in the biggest hoax of the century. When small town politics and a few wacky and crazy characters get mixed into the plot, all of the suspense and action spontaneously combust into laughter.
This hilarious, rib-tickling, knee-slapping adventure starts rolling, when Pug, Shuck and Bo start diggin for the truth. Its a race against time, as the three courageous seekers put their reputations, jobs, and lives on the line. They do it all in the name of love and in hope of proving that The King of Bling is still alive. By the end of the tragicomedy, you too will be Diggin Elroy!

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