Rooted in Dreams

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Nicole Jalonen
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She's been through it all, Britney Summers. From learning she was left on her familys doorstep as an infant and that her biological parents are an evil warlock and good-hearted witch. To learning she and her abusive, evil biological father, Devolin Voltron, are a part of an ancient magical dark father-daughter prophecy to learning she has a half witch sister and then having children at the young age of fifteen and having two of her three triplets kidnapped and stolen from her. And still none of that compares to being brutally injured by a dragon and now Britney Summers who has been able to see her entire life is blind!
Now she has to learn how to live blind and find her two missing babies and all the while there are whispers in those foretelling dreams of hers, warnings that say Devolin Voltron did not die in their last fight that he's still very much alive and will wreck her life. But no one believes Britney when she says he's returned, that he never died. Is the answer to how she can prove this as well as her salvation rooted in her dreams?

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