The Cousins

Go to Africa
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Amethyst E. Manual
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In this comical tale of 'The Cousins' the Thompson brothers decide to take 'The Cousins' to Africa to perform a Charity concert for the Catholic Church for the poor and needy Africans. The Cousins are quite amazed at the accommodations they receive while in Africa. First expecting to have to stay in grass huts and go potty in the woods with naked African children covered in flies surrounding them. They had no idea how beautiful Africa was and how modern. The brothers also treat 'The Cousins' to a Safari, where the Angels bring out all the beautiful, and somewhat wild animals to give 'The Cousins' a more enjoyable Safari. However, one of the Lions decides to be naughty and the Thompson's and 'The Cousins' and their bodyguards find themselves running for their lives. They are saved by the help of Cousin Eve and her angels and go on to perform a magnificent concert for the Catholic Church. This tale also brings about the blessings of motherhood to the young guards wives and how the Thompson's demand the young guards take fathering classes at the Mansion to prepare them for fatherhood. You will find those fathering classes quite hilarious.

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