The Cousins

Go to Afghanistan
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Amethyst E. Manual
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In this supernatural tale of 'The Cousins', One of the young guards, his two nephews are in the air force and end up being captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan. Cousin Eve and her angels come to the rescue to save the soldiers who were captured, but in a very supernatural way, which then leads the agents of hell in human bodies to give credit for the rescue to Aliens. This diabolical manipulation angers Cousin Eve and she is determined to give credit to the real hero's, the guardian angels.. who during a concert by 'The Cousins' for the soldiers on base. Introduce the soldiers who rescued the soldiers held captive. As they come out beside Cousin Eve, she begins to sing and they begin to march, on a moving floor, to her song. The Cousins, Thompson brothers and bodyguards are quite excited seeing their own guardian angels dressed as soldiers. They are over joyed to the point of tears. When suddenly the Base commander seeing the soldiers who rescued the boys, he becomes angry that these soldiers didn't get his permission to go on a rescue mission and demands to see each and every one of those soldiers after the concert. The Thompson's, 'The Cousins and the bodyguards all know who those soldiers are and they all look at the base commander, and become worried what will happen after the concert. Wait until you read what happens after this concert.

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