The Chronicles of Rylet

The Element Daggers
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Douglas Pickard
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Long ago, a great evil appeared and nearly destroyed the entire world; his name was Laccid. Along with his army of shadow beasts, he laid waste to anyone who stood in his path. The only ones who were able to stop him were a group of warriors known as the elementals. These five warriors, each with the ability to control one of the elements, defeated Laccid and his legions of shadow beasts, but some escaped. Those five elementals would go on to become the first Guardians of Nature. But with the fear that another threat would come along in the future, the elementals created weapons known as the element daggers. These daggers would possess the soul of the previous guardians and change form when the new guardian is chosen. Now, five hundred years later, the young elemental Rylet has the task of discovering which element power he will receive. Will he get the power of fire like his father, Blazent, the current Fire Guardian? Or will he get the power of wind, like the Wind Guardian Soren, his uncle? And will the guardians of today be strong enough to face a new evil thats on the horizon? Do they even have a chance of defeating a powerful foe from the past?

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