The West Stole Africa's Wealth

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Khoza Mduduzi
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The West stolen Africas wealth and invested it in the IMF, World Bank and European Bank. Through the colonization of Africa, the West not only managed to impoverish the African continent but it managed to build its own world class infrastructure through ill-gotten wealth from Africa. Africa is the richest continent on the face of the world as far as mineral resources is concern, but, Africans are the poorest people on the face of the world. Its an open secret that the majority of skyscrapers in the US were built by African slaves who were bought from Gore Island in Senegal at the cheapest price and transported to the US. From the Dark Age until to the information age, the African continent is the only continent where there is no perennial political peace. Africans have been on the run from their civil wars for quite a long period of time, to the point that some Africans have emigrated from the African continent to live in the West where they are not even welcomed and accepted. African mineral resources are sufficient enough to the point that if they were equally and fairly utilized in the interest of the Africa people, Africa was going to be a poverty-free continent. Unfortunately opposite is the case, the African mineral resources continue to enrich the Westerners at the expense of the African people. Africans are political free but remain economically in prison, which they cant see, smell, touch or feel.The west destabilizes the African continent by pouring military weapons to the African continent to ensure that bloodshed does not cease.

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