When My Mind Is Empty

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Toni Poll-Sorensen
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When My Mind Is Empty is my fourth book of poetry. It was written in response to questions about where I get inspiration for my work and when I do my best writing. The answer is the same for both questions. Poems come in solitudewhile walking, observing, gazing, at nothing, and during or after meditation and yoga. Fortunately, we live in a connected world where my phone is usually handy. Each of these poems was written on my phone first.
I know that creativity requires showing up to work at the task at hand, but in my case, spontaneity has become my friend. I require the time and space to reflect and then the words come. Technology has allowed me to capture those ideas quickly; before, like clouds, they just disappear! Perhaps soon I will just dictate into my wrist.

I hope you will enjoy this new collection of fully illustrated narrative poetry. It is my desire that the words and illustrations will stimulate your eye and your ear. I like to call my work accessible poetry because I believe that an integrated approach to the arts provides the reader greater opportunity to interpret the work on his or her own terms. Perhaps you will discover a feast for the eye and ear today or a life lesson for tomorrow.

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