Total Consciousness

Revenge of the Gamer
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Mihaly Nemeth
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As predicted by the Mayans calendar there was a period ending and a new one emerging. The first real evidence was when the magnetic Poles began to move on March 18th, 2018. Triggering shifts in the continental tectonic plates causing volcanoes, earthquakes, and accelerating climate change. The ice caps melted, causing major flooding to coastal populations. Drought and desserts appeared where there were none before. Pollution combined with high atmospheric volcanic ash changed our sky by blocking out some of the sunrays. The rays that got through were kept in our atmosphere slowly raising global temperatures, eventually melting all glaciers and the ice caps. The rains were an acidic cocktail; most of the crops and vegetation could not cope. Then the viruses came, affecting at first, the planets birds, then huffed animals, then the rest, only a few species survived. What followed was devastation in the form of two pandemics, SCARS4 and H9N8, wiping out more than 60% of the world's population in the first flu season. Then came the next round these had no names, there wasn't time, fewer than 100 Million people survived worldwide.

Like Intelligent Design, the idea of the Invisible Hand stubbornly persists in the face of overwhelming evidence

- James Kenneth Galbraith

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