Soul Witness

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William C. Costopoulos
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Terrorism is war in a new form, expanding inexorably into the lives of peaceful citizens worldwide, rendering even mundane activities potentially dangerous. In this captivating tale of terrorism in America, complacency is challenged with the startling reality that these violent acts can actually happen in the United States. Set predominantly in South Central Pennsylvania, Manhattan, and Washington, DCwith a side trip to Russiaa marvelous cast of talented and unpredictable characters attempt to unravel a cluster of terrifying events that appear to involve one mysterious individual. The story takes astonishing turns during his apprehension and trial that ultimately lead to a provocative, sobering conclusion. The conundrum of free will and origins of good and evil in our society are the basis for this imaginative story. Readers will experience how an assemblage of skilled attorneys, judges, and other members of the US criminal justice system wrestle with moral, ethical, and legal issues surrounding a defendant who defies all known precedents and leaves them powerless to defend or convict. Readers will think about this book long after they have eagerly read it from cover to cover, including the poignant epilogue and authors note.

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