We Are Naked Under Our Clothes
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Jim May
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Jim Mays Spinmeisters is the first commentary of its kind in the world of literature. It may likely become the definitive work describing message management or, as he describes it in many helpful examples throughout the book, the art of conditioning a narrative for the purpose of influencing others. He demonstrates this in all facets of life including areas where you would obviously expect to find it such as advertising and politics for sure, but also hidden subliminally in other everyday occurrences within government policies or lack thereof, business, religion and health influences. As the subtitle might infer, he explains that there is more than one way to say something, and homage is paid to those artful few who are able to grasp a subject and restate its meaning in a twist to serve their particular purpose; that is, beyond the temporal abilities of mere mortals. These masters of persuasion, especially those who plot and plan specific effects, are highly regarded in their fields. He explains that we know them professionally as political consultants, crisis management consultants, marketing strategists, religious proselytizers, doctors, psychiatrists, business managers, military planners, and accountants among others; also, not to be excluded, they can be found among friends, relatives, associates, and occasionally in the mirror.
There are no sacrosanct subjects. He addresses the foundations of religion, government policy, medical doctrine, homophobia, treatment of women, and other important topics of our society each exemplifying the study of persuasion and its abilities to shape perception.

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