The Stolen One's

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Brian Edgar Hickey Sr.
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This book, The Stolen Ones, by Brian E. Hickey Sr., is a book of an alien abduction that happened to a young farm boy from the years between 1700 and 1800.The years of gun fighters fighting in the street and the OK corral. These were the days of saloon girls, steam trains. Women didnt drink or smoke nor were they allowed in the saloon unless they were saloon girls. These were the days of unlawful streets in many small towns. These were the days of the Wild West. This poor unfortunate farm boy doing his job on the farm and trying to keep peace with the Indian tribes around his homestead was abducted by aliens. During the time he spent unwillingly with the aliens, he went through horrible exams and tests of his body. Then he was unwillingly forced by the aliens to do unthinkable things in order to gain his escape and freedom back to Earth. After he fulfilled his duties and jobs, the aliens kept their promise and returned him to Earth. Regretfully, he was left unclothed and two hundred years ahead of his own time. He was found by EMS and the law. He was taken to an emergency room. Later the government took him from the hospital. Later he was updated, trained, and made a government agent who goes through deadly missions. His job caused him a problem of his own. He missed his past loves and life. He worried about his future. This book has some adult matter in it. This book should not be read by small children or those who would not understand the content due to age or disability.

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