The Encouragement Ladder

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Luciana Andrews
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You may start out this Christian race with others but it doesnt mean that they will finish it out with youjust like the story of Lot and his wife, they were given the command to leave the city, however, there were clear instructions to flee but not to look back at the destruction that was taking place, and in this story Lots wife looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt. Although it was sad that he had lose his wife, he knew that he had to keep pressing forward regardless to who was falling at his left or right and reality is we have to do the same thing, sometimes we have to leave family and friends behind just to obtain what we need from God. Once God has done the work in us, then only then will he allow us to reach back and grab them but first we have to get focused on him and allow him to clean us up. My God is so merciful and his love never fails, I encourage you to keep walking in the direction God has you going in and not look back and watch what God will do in your life. Bless your life.

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