The God Journey

Discovering What It’S All About
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Ricky Tutor
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The Adventure in Discovering What Its All About.In the beginning, God created a perfect world for his children. He placed them in a perfect environment where there was no such thing as sin, sickness, or death. As parents, we want the best for our children, and God is no different. He placed his children in a world where there was no such thing as stealing, killing, or destroying. So why is it that when we were born, we were born into an imperfect world?
Something happened six thousand years ago that caused a separation between God and man. Now when you look at this world, you are not looking at the nature of God but at the results of our sin. Mankind is in rebellion with their Creator. Because of this rebellion called sin, our physical bodies are sentenced to death; but we will live on forever, either with God in heaven or without him in a place called hell.
In The God Journey, author Ricky Tutor shares the story of how he went from a teenage troublemaker to becoming a God-fearing man. His calling is to share with others what its all about: evidence, facts, and proof concerning the reality of God and true-life stories of Gods perfect forgiveness.
Come and take a journey with Ricky as he takes you into a step-by-step analysis of the fall of man, Gods perfect plan of redemption, and how you can be confident on Judgment Day.

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