Collection of Bible Stories for Children

Works by the Holy Spirit
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Elizabeth Courtney Maas
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This true account of historical events, containing important biblical characters, communicates, in rhyme format, poetic recounts of Gods chosen people; these heroes walked the road of righteousness, faith, and truth, lead by Gods light, from the time of Genesis, to the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These song like poems, easily and naturally teach children, the heroic actions of each leader, chosen by God, to spread the Laws, teachings, and instructions for Holy living; simultaneously, each story will captivate the attention, comprehension and interest of children, in learning their biblical roots/family ties, as well assist in their healthy, productive development, into adulthood.
The goal for learning each story is to lay, as a foundation, the grounds of understanding, truth and purpose for our birth, past history, and cultural roots, as children of God, while teaching both children and adults the importance of how to live Holy, and to be accepted into Gods kingdom.

Children will grow in love, respect and obedience to God, as they learn that all power, glory, and righteousness, is in the palm of Gods hand. God carries each child, protecting and guiding all of us, by His Word, and His laws, as our foundation.

Take the hand of your child, as you read together, the miraculous works of Gods hand, from the moment of creation, in Genesis, including the provisions of Gods commandment thru Moses, to the salvation of humanity, through Jesus Christ, the Son Of God.

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