Lest We Forget

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Otis Teague
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Purpose draws potential. Potential brings to life destiny.
Understanding you have a purpose is the first brick on the road to destiny!

Otis Teague

This book asked the question, is the church the worlds only hope? That with all the challenges and changes people are facing within todays society in the game called life, when there is an ever increasing need for hope, where is the church, and has the church simply been sidelined with injuries? One of the greater questions is, have we lost sight of the things in this world that really matter? Do people still matter, or has that focus been lost behind all the distractions, turmoil, and mentalities of how much I can I gain in the here and now? A book that speaks to your heart about how much you matter to God, letting you know that God loves and that no matter what you have done or where you are in your life that you can make it! If you would just get to know him, trust that he is a keeper of his word, and simply give him a chance to show you yourself. The challenges we face are never more than we could handle, though we never think about that while we are going through. But after you live through that significant life-changing event, you should realize and know that nothing can overtake you unless you let it, and nothing is greater than the love God has for you.

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